Mayor Leylandi’s Pink Mansion

It’s been a while since I posted anything about Peachtea, so I thought today I’d do something different and give you a tour around Mayor Leylandi’s pink mansion!

Leylandi’s completed pink mansion on the outside!

I’ve had her home finished for quite a while, so although I occasionally add something new or tweak the layout a tiny bit, I’m very pleased with how the house has turned out. So without further ado, let’s begin!

A full view of the perfectly pink living room

This is the main room on the ground floor, and is a perfectly pink lounge/living room. This is where the Mayor spends most of her time- either in the gaming corner playing on her switch, or lounging about on one of the rococo sofas drinking coffee.

How lovely is Leylandi’s living area? I particularly like the white piano in the background and the pink and white rococo furniture
You can see the Mayor’s gaming corner in the right side of the room, all kitted out with a PC, a pink game shelf, and a white Nintendo Switch!

I love how all of the furniture works so well together, despite being from different sets and series. In particular, I really like how the pink and white of the custom rococo set goes with the blue and purple of the mermaid series. I just love the colour combo!

This is the rear view of the living room, and you can see in more detail the furniture lining the wall. I love how the plum bonsai and the lotus lamp go together so nicely!
Of course, Leylandi needed a picture next to the wedding cake. It’s nearly as tall as she is!

Moving on to the north room, we’ve got the Mayor’s kitchen. The warm orange tones of the colour scheme are quite a contrast to the pastel pink of the living room, but I’m really pleased with the overall aesthetic.

Here’s a wide angle show showing the whole layout of the kitchen

Although I really like how the kitchen turned out- it’s still a bit cluttered for my tastes, but I honestly can’t be bothered adjusting the furniture layout any more because I still do like how it looks at the moment, and I’m worried if I start to move the furniture then I won’t like the end result as much as I like how the room is currently.

Leylandi’s kitchen has every appliance she could ever need- but her favourite items are the two custom donut stools!
Apparently singing to your tomato plants helps them to grow!

The mayor loves cooking and her kitchen is definitely big enough to show it! She’s even got some home-grown tomato plants growing next to her stove.

A wide-angle shot of Leylandi’s dining area
A close up of the dining table! I really love the soft serve lamp, it’s one of my favourite items in-game!

Here’s both a wide-angled view of the dining area and a close up! I added in the messy furniture because I thought the colours went really well with the kitchen flooring. I love how cosy this kitchen is with all the warm colours- I can just imagine Leylandi coming in here to brew some coffee after a cold winter day fishing in Peachtea.

Julian popped round to say hello!

It was at this point while taking photos of the house that Julian stopped by! He also brought me a pyramid, and while that was so kind of him, it doesn’t really go with the pastel decor so it won’t be put on display (don’t tell him though please!)

Up next is the west room- a luxury spa/bathroom. I went all out with the design of this- I wanted to create the most luxurious space possible and I think I achieved it pretty well!

There’s three different bathtubs, and even a massage table for the hardworking Mayor to enjoy after a long day of work.

I really love the centrepiece at the back of the room, which uses two Merlion statues and a whirlpool bath to make a luxury hot tub. There’s even a mannequin with a bathrobe, headband and a cucumber pack for Leylandi to change into whenever she wants to look the part!

Time to head over to the east wing to check out the playroom!

I originally wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with this room, and I ended up going with a kind of spare bedroom/playroom space as it was a good way for me to use a lot of the leftover pink items that didn’t get used in the other rooms.

The wallpaper and flooring is from the My Melody set from Chelsea’s RV. I think they both go really well with the custom patterned mama and papa bears. Both of the bears really take up a lot of space, but I think they are just so sweet and I’m so glad I added them in.

On the left side of the playroom you have the small sleeping area with a messy bed and some rococo furniture, as well as some rare items like, Katie’s picture, a camera, and a world map all obtained from helping Katie out when she came to town.

The other side of the room is more of a play space, filled with toys, a rocking chair and a stroller. There’s also crayons on the desk and scattered drawings on the floor for that extra pop of colour!

Heading upstairs takes you to Leylandi’s bedroom. This room is a pink and blue paradise for a princess- which is why the princess series from GracieGrace takes centre stage.

On the right side of the room you have a cosy little reading nook, complete with a blossom lantern and a dollhouse.

However, on the left side of the room is Leylandi’s dressing area, complete with a mermaid vanity, a rococo dresser, and some pretty dresses hung on the walls.

In the centre of the room is a lovely pastel seating area complete with a baby polar bear. I’m so pleased with how the pastel aesthetic really came together in this room.

Last but not least, let’s head down into the basement! There’s not much to see here- Leylandi never lets anyone head down the stairs to the lowest floor. She always says ‘Oh, it’s too cluttered for guests to see’ but is that really the truth?

The fact is, the supposedly perfect Mayor is hiding a dark secret in this basement. What horrors does she get up to down here once the sun goes down? You’ll have to visit yourself to find out!

Peachtea’s Dream Address is: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX, please let me know if you visit! You can contact me on any of my social media accounts linked at the bottom of this post, or leave a comment here to tell me what you think of the town!

Indie xoxo

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